The hat that we got for Chiara, its a cute little Christmas buret.

Reading knitting books, learning how to pearl. Diane, the pro, is there to lend a hand.
Another Smid tradition is to write on the table cloth on Christmas Day. This has been going since 1995 and has been to Germany! Some are funny and some are reflective and sweet. One I didn't take a picture of, but I thought was funny was by Ty. It said "I got lineman gloves, Spencer can't use them."
This one is by Spencer from a long time ago. I loved it because it had nothing at all to do with Christmas.
This one is by Travis, from when they were at Sunpeaks (Tod Mountain) a long time ago.
Coco was trying to get into the presents!
Coco wanted to see what it was like to fly like Santa.
Chiara's first Christmas dinner!

The stocking couldn't be HUNG by the fire... they were too full!

We woke up to this cute little Santa in our home!

We were blessed to share Coco's first Christmas

The breakfast table with fresh fruit, loaves and breakfast enchilladas.

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