Westerhof Family Christmas

Hayden and Ember playing with their presents!

The race is on to see who can build their Kinder Surprise the fastest. Hayden requires a little help from cousin Tyler

A very serious job: Ember hands out the Kinder Surprises

More carols

Thys loves the carols!Come on now, in harmony James and Nicole

Diane leads us in our favourite carols. We even have lyric sheets!
Hayden is the Billiards referee

And Ember provides the entertainment!

... and the hugs... when I asked her for one she said "Okay, but only one because I am running out of hug gas!"

The brothers face off in a pool table challenge
Ember practicing in the kitchen, tossing the caeser salad.

The little birdy waiting for Auntie Diane to drop more feta cheese in her mouth. :D
The Westerhof Christmas dinner is growing! We had a large crowd this year, with three of the grandkids expecting babies! Megan, Amy and Ryan's girlfriend Shelly are all expecting Papa's great grandchildren in 2009.
Diane got us all to sing carols, we had Kinder Surprises (because it isn't a party without Kinder Surprise is it?), an amazing Greek style dinner, visiting and of course the present stealing game!

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