We Are the Champions

This is Jeremy, one of the seniors at our youth group. He was one of the captains of the football team. He is just BEAMING!

The team and coaches gathering to receive awards and celebrate their victory.
Cheers! What a great feeling!
Larry Shareski and myself getting our game faces on for some intense cheering!
These sweet kids were from Ghana, Africa. They were staying with Keddi-Anne's family. Their accents were so sweet and I loved just listening to them talk! They thought it was so funny that we were cheering "Go Devils!" Isaac and his sister Mary, made a funny prayer. (Say it in your best African accent) "Dear God, please let the devils win." We all laughed.
This was ONE very exciting game. Not just because we won, but because we werer all at BC Place Stadium (where our very own Lions play), it was the BC Championships, our guys were coaching, and we knew some of the players. There were some moments where we were jumping to our feet, and other moments where we were pulling our hair! In the end we got to celebrate with a victory! Way to go guys!

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