Something Sweet

*sigh* How I LOVE this time of year. Here's why:

1) Children's Christmas concerts.
Last night Spencer and I went with my brother-in-law Tyler to see a children's Christmas concert. Now we aren't creepy or stalkers. Tyler hangs out with a little guy named Aeden, who is in kindergarten. Aeden thinks Tyler is pretty awesome and ALWAYS looks forward to seeing Ty. So last night we went out in the FREEZING cold to see this adorable guy sing "Come, Lord Jesus" in his school musical. He did a wonderful job! His precious smile, chubby cheeks, and signing the lyrics made the season for me. And after the show, seeing the brightness in his eyes as he showed us his classroom, his hook, his spot in the floor and his teachers was so touching. He was so proud to show off "Big Tyler". THIS my friends, is the reason for the season.

2) Adopting Families.
I know that lots of people do this at this time of year, and this year my work place joined in too. We sent out a letter to the homes of our participants explaining we were "adopting" a single mother and her five year old son by providing gifts and food for Christmas. The response we got was incredible. The generosity was stunning. So today the staff and participants dropped off gifts for the mom and her son. Mary Kay products, chocolate, bubble baths, and toys for the little guy along with a grocery store gift certificate. Nothing beats the gift of giving! What a rewarding experience.

3) Pajama pants and slippers
Straight after work today, I came home slipped in my pj's and slippers, put on Josh Groban's "Noel" and began to get ready for our holidays!

4) Engagements!
Okay, so this isn't necessarily a Christmas tradition, but it suits my family this year. On December 13th my baby (yes, my 6'1, 20 year old BABY brother) got engaged! He and Lauren went up to Grouse Mountain (a local mountain here) where they have sleigh rides, ice rink, and a lodge up top, along with other festive things. There he popped the big Q on the porch of the lodge, over looking the snowy trees and lights of Vancouver, with the snow falling. We are so excited for them, and I am anticipating all the planning and excitement that is to come!

5) Kindness
Today I was working with a co-worker Jeanne, and our two participants, Kent and Jennifer. We decided to head next door to the hotel to check out a Gingerbread House competition that was on display. When we were inside warming up and admiring the incredible, edible houses, one of the staff was making small talk with the four of us. Paying close attention to Kent and Jen (which is great to see people involving, most people talk ABOUT them and not TO them.) He offered the four of us to stay and have tea or coffee. We were amazed and agreed. The waitress walked us into a special room and set the table, complete with white linen napkins. She set four cups and saucers out, poured us coffee and told us "The chef is preparing a plate of cookies for you!" We were shocked and honoured at this royal treatment. Soon after she brought out an assortment of cookies. After about 45 minutes of chatting and snacking we asked for the bill so we could leave. The waitress replied , "There is no bill. The gentlemen you were talking to before runs the place, and he said to put whatever you wanted on his tab." Wow! What an amazing way to make us feel part of the community! We were absolutely stunned. Pay it forward.

6) Gifts of Love
Throughout my relationship with Spencer, I had mentioned a few times how much I love pearls. Once in a while I would comment on someone's pearl pendant, ring or earrings. Really though, I thought that I would either never have one, or would be older when I did get one.
This year, Spencer and I opened each others gifts early. He got PS2 and Guitar Hero, along with a few other game accessories.
I got to open a tiny box with a gold ribbon. Inside the box was a white gold ring, with a pearl in the centre! A REAL pearl! On either side is a delicate diamond, all set on a thin and dainty band. What a lucky girl I am to have a husband who pays attention to detail. :D

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