D.C.L.S. Christmas Party

The company I work for, Delta Community Living Society, had a big, rockin' Christmas party of Friday night. It included staff, their family, participants and their families! This party was the most alive I had ever seen!

Spencer and I, we were "fashionably early" because it was POURING down rain (slush) and I wanted a close enough spot for my hair to keep its volume, but not too close to steal the ideal spots from those who have wheelchairs. To achieve this level of moral parking, we had to arrive at a specific time. Therefore resulting in a car photobooth before the party started!
This is the dance. And let me tell you, there was dancing before the music even started. It wasn't the typical 2 or 3 songs played before the first brave few enter the dance floor. It was amazing how fast the dance came alive! I had a dance with one guy, Kevin, who was a First Class swing-dancer! When I asked him where he learned all his moves he replied "the TV!" You can guess how much fun I had!

This is the band made up of DCLS staff, and family of DCLS staff. If you attend Tsawwassen Alliance Church, you can see this looks an awful lot like our Sunday morning worship band. Karla (on guitar and vocals), Gatlin (on the keyboard) and Matt (on bass) all play on our church worship team! They sang about 8 Christmas carols with many enthusiastic back up vocalists!

Santa hands out healthy treats! An orange for Marcy
This is Paul (with the antlers on), with his mom and dad. Paul is a participant of the program I work at. He was happy to wear the antlers.

Karla and I sporting the Christmas Cheer head gear!

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