Hanson Concert - the Wait

The wait. Ange was wearing new orthodics and Jessi and I were wearing cheap and uncomfortable (but might I add very cute) new shoes. It made for a long and uncomfortable wait, but TOTALLY worth the while!

The lunch I packed the girls had things about Hanson on every item. Jessi's sandwhich says "Jessi loves Hanson"
Our roadside picnic... eating lunch on the side of Granville Street.
Waiting 6 minutes in the car for the cheaper parking rate!
Ticket in hand, bringing me one step closer...
This is the guy who wouldn't let us in 6 minutes early to save some money.
Yes, I AM that much of a geek that I made these booklets for the girls. It was filled with lyrics of the 5 most popular songs I knew they would sing and facts and trivia about the band.

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