Hanson Concert - The Show

This is a shot of me at the end of the concert, with the three brothers! I am tired and on Cloud 9!

Taylor jamming at the piano! He moves around too much to sit down!
This is a great shot of the eldest brother Ike who plays the strings (electric and acousitc guitar and mandolin)
The very , very excited me just after the show has started. I am seriously so stoked.
This one is embarassing but necessary. I was overwhelmed...to tears. And I used to make fun of those girls. ouch.
Taylor taking his turn at the guitar. We were sooo close!

The concert of a lifetime. For you poor souls who don't know who Hanson is, think back to '97 when MMMBop topped the charts. Back then these boys were as young as 12, 14 and 17. Now, as you can see, they have grown up (and so have I). This is the concert I have been waiting for for 12 years.

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  1. What a great post. I'm not sure if I would recognize a Hanson song. Michelle I think you need to educate me on all that's Hanson. Glad you had such an amazing time.


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