A Weekend On A Mountain

First night : Boggle and popcorn!
We each took turns cooking meals. This morning Spencer and I made pancakes!
Keddi gets affectionate!
This is the damage from the forest fires in 2003
We found a rowboat abandoned on the shore. Ty was our paddler.
We went out for a nice dessert at the hotel. It was fun to dress up a bit!
At the market Keddi-Anne HAD to try on a buffalo head! Looks good, doesn't it?
If you look closely, you can see the bear. There was a mommy and a baby on the ski hill.
Playing Boggle with Megan!
On the drive home. Sorry Ty and Ked, I had to pick the best one of the 500 that were on my camera.
We went up to Sunpeaks for 2 nights with Tyler and his girlfriend Keddi-Anne. It was a packed weekend filled with fun, sun, fishing lures and reuniting with cousins.


  1. You capture the moments so well Michelle with picture and captions.
    Looking forward to many more moments at our cabin.

  2. Thanks Diane! I look forward to it too! So many memories to come... :D Fills me with joy just thinking about it!


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