Oh Boy

So much for being better at keeping up my blog!

Things have been a little NUTS around this place
and I finally feel like I just screwed my head back on.
Spencer and the girls have had this terrible cold
that is just hanging on!
Thankfully I haven't had it,
but at the same time I would gladly take it if it meant they could be better.

A few weeks ago now
Spencer was in a car accident.
He is okay, thank goodness!
Thank you God for watching over him!
And the other guy is fine too.
Spencer's car was a write off. 
So sad to see it go.
We spent a lot of our dating driving back and forth 
from Abbotsford/Ladner in that car
and most of its KMs were from our dating.

Road trip to California

"Just babied" 

But what was such a big part of our dating years 
forced out hand into the vehicle that suits our life best now. 
We replaced the VW Golf with a minivan.
Slightly different!
If our two kids didn't make us feel like parents,
this van certainly does!

So now that we have replaced our vehicle
and hopefully everyone is feeling better
the Christmas festivities and excitements can begin. 
Our tree is up, things are merry and bright and cozy at our house.
Santa almost has everyone's gifts
and tonight we are going to Christmas in the Village
to see the tree light up and enjoy the community festivities.
Next week Lola, Olive and Marissa come.
We can hardly wait. 

Hope you are all doing well.
I will try to add some updated pictures of Jane,
she is growing quickly and sleeping like a champ.
(I just put her in a 3 month onesie that JUST fits and is almost too small.
Claire wore it until she was 9 months old!)

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