Sheridan Lake

This past weekend was our long weekend up here in the Great White North.
Tuesday was Canada Day.
Canada turned 147.
Thanks for the extra day off Canada!
Spencer's office was closed the Monday as well,
so after Spencer got off work Saturday morning 
we hit the dusty trail to Sheridan Lake
where Spencer's auntie and uncle have a cabin.
Spencer's cousin Alana was able to come along, 
but Jodie was enjoying Disneyland with her friends.
The weather cooperated somewhat, 
and we had a great time. 
We played games, sat on the deck,
ate outside, went for walks, had fires complete with s'mores.
And we were even able to get out in the canoe and the speed boat.
Claire jumped off the boat and the dock 
(and slipped in once, don't worry she was wearing her life jacket and we were right there beside her.)

Milo was cold, so Claire shared her hoodie.
 Claire was doing Uncle Terry's hair.
 Claire was attached to Alana. I think they're giggling at Milo here.

 Ready for a fire!

 Claire and Daddy in the water.

 Mama Loon and her baby.
Spencer and I went out for a canoe on our last day and one came right up to us,
we were able to get a good look at it. They have the craziest eyes!
 A stop at a neighbour's cabin. Claire was very excited to see they had a slide!

The view from their dock is absolutely gorgeous.

 Uncle Terry's helper to fix a leaky pipe.

 Happy Canada Day! 

 The beginning of the Canada boat parade. Complete with the National Anthem.

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