Lately I have being craving simplicity.
In my home, in my mind,
in my choice of words.
I feel like if I have simplicity in these areas,
it will allow more clarity and to live more intentionally.
Something I've been feeling really challenged with the past while.
Living intentionally, that is.

Do you ever find that when the house is messy and cluttered,
your mind feels the same way?
I do too.

The past while I have been going through our closets,
trying to maximize the amount of storage space we can use.
In this process I have brought bags of things to Goodwill.
It feels so good to give our unused items away
to someone who can find a use for them.
Each time I do this
I feel as though I can breathe a little easier.

My house my not always be tidy.
 There may be dust on my shelves,
an unmade bed,
toys strewn on the living room floor
and Cheerios lying under the dining room table.
These are signs of life,
of a family that plays.
On the other hand,
I like my home to feel like a place of peace and relaxation.
Somewhere Spencer can come home to after a long day at school
and be able to relax.
Balance is key.

Live in the moment,
enjoy the simple things,
study the Word,
live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.
Bask in His grace and unconditional love,
and do my absolute best to give the same thing to my family.
Get dirty,
open the windows,
listen to music,
be still.

In which ways do you {strive to} live simply?
What does it look like to you?
Slowing down or speeding up?
Tidiness? Peace of mind?

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  1. I would love to plug Simple Things Patterns here....but....that wasn't what was asked of me.

    Living Simply right now means putting my feet up and focusing on being thankful. xoxo Thanks for the reminder


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