Yesterday afternoon
Spencer and I tackled the baby's room.
We had bags, bins and boxes full of gifts.
Thank you for blessing us!
 I washed loads of laundry,
hung clothes 0-6 months,
and packed away the rest.

We organized into drawers and baskets.
Ooohed and awed over
each adorable item.
Imagining clothing her,
swaddling her and changing her diapers.

It was all a bit overwhelming,
but I am thankful for Spencer's help.
We made a big dent in her room.
I will post pictures when it's all finished.

laundry galore...

Half way done... lots to organize.

Baby items sneaking their way into the rest of the house.
..nursing basket by the big comfy chair with some of the necessities..
 bath items just waiting to be used

Change table/dresser.

Where she will sleep for the first while.

Until she can sleep in her own room...
Er...maybe not yet. I should clean that out first!


  1. This Nana is over the top excited to see all the pictures on this post.
    Can hardly wait to welcome this little girl into the world.
    Love you three.

  2. wowzas! your a set and ready to go. I LOVED baby organizing. So exciting.


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