This is Random

I know I am still a LONG ways off,
but when I see this photo
it makes me want to hold my baby.
This is only going to get worse, isn't it?

{Baby August from Making It Lovely}

Also, from Making It Lovely, she put together
this collage of favourite outfits.
Too cute. I love the dress, the necklace and the bag especially.
Not a fan of the orange stockings.

This made me want to go shopping!
Instead I went "imaginary online shopping".
(How many times have I done this? Too many.)
I don't have a photo editor on our new laptop yet,
so I can't collage these photos,
so here they are in single order.

Cute right, so ready for summer!
Here is what I did buy on sale with free shipping at Oldnavy.com

{I am loving getting away with horizontal stripes!}

And hopefully this weekend I am going to get a new pair of jeans.
I have two pairs,
however one has holes,
so ce la vi,
I found two cute pairs at Old Navy for a very, very reasonable price!
{Why are actual maternity stores so expensive?}
Skinny jeans 
denim leggings

{These look more like skinny jeans to me. But we will see.}

Moms - what did you do for maternity clothes?
Did you buy bigger sizes in regular clothes,
or go full out for actual maternity wear?
Were you part of the muumuu era of the early 80's?
Did you wear curve hugging tops to show off your belly?
Or did you embrace the Bohemian look with peasant tops?


  1. I had one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts that I LIVED in when I was preggers. Jeans from the GAP online.-they were so cute and comfy.
    I bought some fun aritzia tanks in a size up, and wrecked all my other shirts, by stretching them over my huge bump.
    I also lived in all of favoritethings skirts.(with elastic)
    When I wasn't hibernating, i rarely felt like dressing up...comfy was key.

  2. i wore motherhood maternity clothes (i only had a belly... nothing anywhere else so regular clothes, and old navy were not an option and thyme is RIDICULOUS!!) as far as shirts i did a combo of maternity and regular shirts that looked OK. i LOVE being pregnant :)


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