Spoiled Rotten

Our Baby Collection is growing quickly!
Gifts have been given to us already,
and this Little One is already spoiled rotten.

(not that I am complaining)
I have received gift cards in the mail for baby stuff!
Not from people we know,
just from the companies.
For example, a $20 gift card for Target
as well as $30 to amazon.com/mom
Yes, please!

So with the "free money"
we purchased a Fisher Price Rock N Play
and from Amazon, 
a "snuggly" that switches from the front to the back.

Here is our growing collection!
(As I promised before)

Edolbina actually purchased this 
ADORABLE Halloween
costume in September, 
before we were even pregnant! 
Amazingly, it will be the right age to 
wear it this Halloween!
Divine intervention?
I think so!

 This winter jacket was purchased by our friend Michelle
for $1.99! 
If it's a girl, 
well we will accessorize with a pink toque.
Too good of a bargain to pass up!
Thanks Michelle!
 I LOVE that elephant pattern.
I would love to find more items like that.

A sweet calendar by Anne Geddes that tracks the first year of baby's life. 
Aren't these shoes CUTE?
The colourful pair Diane bought in Guatemala for Graci.
Now they are too small and were passed on to Baby Smid.
The other little white sneakers were Coco and Graci's, too.
The blue pair on the end I thought were too cool to pass up!
I found them at a vintage shop here in Portland.
Good sturdy learning to walk shoes.
Cute with overalls or a white cotton dress.
The other blue pair I bought at Value Village.
A reccomendation from a friend Melissa,
to buy a pair of baby shoes to put beside the toilet.
(A reminder that it will be worth all the sick days.)
And THIS is our Rock N Play!
We saw it in a magazine right when we 
first found out about Little One.
It's the perfect "two-in-one".
Lounger by day and basinette by night.
Easy to fold and very portable.
So happy to have found one in these colours.

See? I told you Little One is so spoiled already!
I can't wait until Tuesday,
then we can start collecting pink or blue!

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  1. you sure do have quite the collection! We better get cracking:) haha. How do you get the free gift cards is my question??


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