Today I walked,
I embraced the warmth of the coming season
and let the sunshine hit my face.
I looked up toward the blue sky
and thanked the Lord for these days.

I couldn't help but notice
the change in the plants since Sunday.
Sunday, Spencer and I walked home from Safeway
and Spencer pointed out that the trees were beginning to blossom!
Oh, that brought me so much joy!
Some plants and almost each tree 
had little tiny buds.

On the same walk home today,
I noticed that some of those buds were 
beginning to change into blossoms.
There were big pink blossoms
on a nearby crawler,
and there were even crocuses 
in one lady's garden. 

As I admired the new growth around me,
Little One gave my inside's a good boot
that made me jump.
As if to say
"Hey, don't forget me!"
Like it's mother already.

Today marks 17 weeks,
only 23 more to go

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