Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today
Spencer and I were giddy with excitement
as we packed the final items
into our huge backpacks.
We were off to Europe.
The day I'd dreamed about since I was 10.
We were finally doing it!
Setting out on one incredible adventure.
Our bags and been checked and rechecked.
Spencer assuring me as run through the list in my mind
that anything we forget, we can buy there.
(Like a belt for 10 euro and Aloe Vera gel for...17.50 Euro. OUCH in more ways then one.)
As we head to Ladner for Auntie Lori to drive us to the airport
I am imaging what it will look like
And about 12 hours later
As our plane descends in England
I look out my window and see perfect square fields
separated by rows of hedges dotted with sheep.
I already feel comfortable here.
There are so many times
(probably daily)
that I think about our holiday.
My heart aches to go back there and discover more
To visit Sienna, to eat meat pies,
to take a cooking class in Italy
To climb more towers and listen to church bells
I can still remember the feelings
as we came upon something new,
exciting, ancient and fun.
My dream is that one day I can take my kids there
Share these experiences with them
Have them taste pasta in Italy
See a play in London
Practice their French in a bistro
Perhaps I need to start buying some lotto tickets?
What is the most exciting adventure you've shared with your soul mate/best friend/self?

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