A Serious Post

Okay, so for the last while I have been posting pictures or stealing from other peoples's blogs because I thought they were cool/neat/artistic/thought provoking.
The reality is (along with the reasons listed) I haven't really felt I had much to blog about. Life is ZOOMING by and leaving me in the dusty trail....
So here is a bit of a catch up and also there will most likely be some random thoughts thrown in there for confusion and general hilarity.

First things first - WHERE THE HECK DID MAY GO?! Oh my word, it just flew by.

Edolbina and Andrew's wedding is quickly approaching. June 5th (also Mom's birthday) is next Saturday. Wow. I am so excited for the two of them to be married. I am also excited for their wedding. I have my bridesmaid dress and the colour is like a Lagoon Blue (the chip that is on the top.) I am excited to see how everything is going to come together. Her colours are brown, turquoise and lime green. So fun!

Matt and Lauren's wedding is also fast approaching. They are getting excited. They've found a place to live, Matt has a new job, Lauren has a new set of shifts which will allow her to be home in the evenings - life's good.

Travis is home for the summer and it has been great to see him lots. Tyler is living up at Sunpeaks and working on the mountain for the Mountain Bike season. We hope to find a weekend that we can go up there to visit him.

Spencer and I enjoyed a long weekend at home. It was SO nice. We have both been here, there and everywhere every weekend (and during the week) that it felt good to be at home. On the holiday Monday (Queen Victoria's birthday) he and I went to Steveston, sat by the river and chatted about Portland. We had talked about how things will pan out, but never had we sat down with a calculator and a notebook and really figured it out. It may change again, but now we have our minds wrapped around it a bit better and we are on the same page.

The house is really coming along! I cannot believe how much it has changed. Especially in the last two weeks. Because we live on the main street, people are passing by our house on a regular basis, so we always here "I can't believe how fast you're house is coming along!" So it is kind of cool to hear it from others as well. The siding is on, windows and doors are in. Insulation is finished and the drywall arrived today. (Also, the drywall truck blocked my car in the driveway this morning. It took some skilled maneuvering to get outta there!)

Spencer is almost done his first class for upgrading and his test will be the first week in June. He is taking Chemistry, which he isn't too excited about, but has been doing well. He has one more class to take, which he can actually do through the school (WSCC).

As for me, my job has changed a bit. My supervisor has moved to another site, so I have stepped up as the acting coordinator until we leave. It is much different that what I was doing before. I am now doing more administrative work, as opposed to being 'out in the field' with the individuals. I really miss that. Who wouldn't love going to White Rock Pier on a sunny day? Or swimming? I try to manage my time well so that I can still be as involved in those activities as possible. It is also different being the youngest staff there (by about 12 years) and being in charge. I am so thankful for my job. It is such a pleasure doing what I do.

Besides two weddings this summer, we also have one camping trip planned as well as a cruise to Mexico. We are also hoping to go down to Portland again in the middle of the summer to look at some apartments.

The thought of moving is still exciting for us. A new adventure. It is still so evident that this transition is a God thing. Signs pop up everywhere. The thought of not having a job lined up (for me) when we arrive used to be scary. It was one of my only set backs (according to me). However, I recently have had a realization, if that is what I could call it. That period of time will be a good time of rest. An opportunity to learn the area, make friends, discover my community, find a church and set up our home. Although I will be pursuing an income, I also need to find comfort in the fact that this is a HUGE change and that I have a God who already knows what is in store. We will be taken care of.

Youth is wrapping up in a few weeks. I have been in youth since grade 7. After graduation I was a youth leader at Aldergrove Alliance, then at my home church Sevenoaks Alliance, then here at Tsawwassen Alliance. I have never really had a Wednesday night off in a VERY long time! What do I do on a Wednesday? Anything good on TV on a Wednesday? The first thing Spencer and I are going to do is go for wings! Because whatever restaurant you visit their wing night is always 'Wing Wednesday'.

This weekend Spencer is going on the Cultus Campout with youth and I am going on the women's retreat through church to Thetis Island at the Capenwray Campus.

I have a bunch of pictures on my camera that I need to load onto MY NEW LAP TOP (Travis' old one). Then I will blog more about our life, and not so much about other peoples' or random internet finds.

Take care !


  1. I loved catching up on your life. So great - also, I totally agree with you on the "time of rest" thing... sometimes that's JUST what God has in store for you (at least for a little while!)

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