Perfectly Gorgeous

So I was checking out Jaime Delaine's blog and she had posted this wedding.
I was gobsmacked. First at the beauty of the place, Stanley Park Pavilion, and how they made it their own with the colours, flowers, throws and cushions.
Secondly, the bride and groom
They both are beautiful people, and on top of that they radiate love.
They way they look at each other made my heart melt.
I borrowed some photos to share with you.

This took HOURS, literally.

She has it on her feet, too. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

How fun is this? It takes walking down an aisle to a whole new level, doesn't it?

I love different traditions.

Look at how he looks at her.

L-O-V-EIt looks like they're having fun. What a joyful day.

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  1. I totally creeped these pictures on Jamie's site too! Just stunning...


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