the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Praise the Lord for Sunshine!

For weeks we had been planning an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter themed tea party for Edolbina.

We had dreamed of doing something like this for a very long time, and why not use Edolbina getting married as the reason to actually do one?

When I heard Saturday morning that it was in the forcast to rain, my heart sank.

But Sunday afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and it was a warm Sunday afternoon (which even required sunscreen!)

Perfect for a tea party!
There were a variety of hot and cold teas, lemon water, cucumber water, lots of colourful candy and mints. Cute little sandwiches and mini cucumber croissants. Fresh herbs in the cream cheese, fruit skewers topped with chocolate and pinwheel wraps.
Here are a few photos from the afternoon.

It was colourful, whimsical, and magical...

Just like we'd imagined it to be.
There were plenty of cameras there, so I may post more pictres later.

Jessi making delicous Long Island Iced TeaHere we created a lounge where guests could relax, and write a little note for Edolbina's

"Tea Party Photo Album".

We also took fun pictures with the big velvet chair and Mad Hatter hat for her to put into the book.

Beautiful flowers, cold water and Long Island Iced Tea...

Iced Passion Tea and Homemade Mint Tea...YUM! This is what Jessi set up as a fun backdrop for pictures. Cute, isn't it?

Whimsical woodland creatures join us for tea.
The table all set up and ready to go.
Sandy made these YUMMY red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.
Edolbina was so surprised. I think she was pleased with her Tea Party.
Isn't it what all little girls pretend?

Jessi playing the Mad Hatter

Writing notes to Edolbina
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

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