Mmm Mmm, Summer!

Summer ...
unbearable heat, even the shade offers no comfort.

A bright red tomato face, worrying about "pit stains".

Taking showers where only the cold tap is used, followed by an evening carrying around a favourite cold beverage.

Sitting outside reading a book.

The sun sets at nine thirty and rises shortly after.

Using anything to keep you cool, ice packs, ice cubes down the back of the shirt.

Too hot to turn on the oven, does a couple of fruit flavoured popcicles suffice for a nutritional dinner if they are naturally flavoured?

Packing for the beach. Should I pack the sunscreen, or prep the Aloe bottle by sticking it in the fridge?

Iced Cappuccinos substitute morning coffee. (Not that I have ever done that *dodgy eyes*)

No Air Conditioning so just blast every fan and open every door and window.

Hanging out in your under ginch becomes perfectly acceptable IN HOUSE wear.

How are YOU staying cool???


  1. jumbo freezies throughout the day and popcorn for dinner....

  2. frozen grapes are like chewing on delicious ice cubes.
    a lack of air conditioning in Cal means hanging my head out the window like a dog to avoid upper lip sweat... it's attractive.


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