Today Is Saturday

How I AM spending my Saturday :

1) Doing dishes
2) Dealing with the kitty litter
3) Cleaning the kitchen

4) Cleaning the bathroom
How I WANT to be spending my Saturday:

1) Re-reading my favourite book, The Birth House
2) Watching Season 2 of Gilmore Girls
3) Baking or cooking something yummy
4) Taking a warm bubble bath
5) Taking Travis up on his offer to hit the beach!
Next weekend Spencer, Angela and I are heading up to Sunpeaks where Saturdays are spent doing the things you want. That is the thing, at home you see all the things that need to get done, and you do them. When you go away, you relax and enjoy the weekend as it is meant to be.

Tonight we might see Jalen and Kyle, maybe go to the Night Market, maybe just stay in and watch a movie. This is the last weekend of the summer to do "nothing" as EVERY OTHER WEEKEND has something planned already. I can't believe it!

What are your summer plans? How are you spending your Saturday?

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