The Good Mother Project

My friends,
I have been quite excited to share this with you!
what an extraordinary story they have.
Eran Sudds is the girl behind it all.
She has been running her tail off
trying to keep up with the amazing feedback it has gotten.

The Good Mother Project began
as a Mom and Me photo session.
has been taking photographs 
with all donations 
going to the Pacific Post Partum Support Society.

A month and a half ago,
I happened to see a post Eran had on Facebook.
She was wondering if anyone and their daughters
were available that afternoon for a photo shoot.
She already had the idea for the Good Mother Project underway.
She was looking to photograph a few mom and their kids
to use as examples when advertising her photo shoots.
I was happy to volunteer myself and the girls.

While we were taking pictures and chatting,
I had mentioned briefly my own struggle
with post-partum anxiety.
 I said I would be happy to help in anyway I could.

It was then Eran says she knew there
was something more to the Good Mother Project 
then just photo shoots.

She began setting up photo shoots in other locations, 
allowing moms from all over the lower mainland to be included.
She then added a blogging piece to her website,
where she has invited women to share their stories.
What an amazing platform to therapeutically tell a story,
and then be encouraged by other women's stories as well!

I have enjoyed reading the stories of some amazing mothers.
This is a wild, crazy adventure! 
I love that Eran has opened up this avenue as 
a space where moms can open up, share and be encouraged.
We are not alone.

The Good Mother Project
has only been going for a month
and already has an audience that has reached
all over North America.
I am thrilled at the thought
of where it will be in another month,
even into next year! 

Eran asked me if I would be willing to be one of the
authors of a blog post and share my story.
As difficult as it was to go public with my struggles,
I knew it was something I had to do.
I wanted to be part of removing the stigma 
of being ashamed of anything related to mental health.
Sharing my story was a way that I could do that.
It was published on their website on Friday, May 8th.
You are welcome to read it here, if you wish.

If you have ever suffered from
any kind of pre or post partum depression or anxiety,
I encourage you to head on over 
to the Good Mother Project website and read 
some amazing stories.
If you feel you have a story to share,
please do so! 
and write what is on your heart.
Even if one other mommy is moved by 
your experience,
it is worth it.

Connect with the
Good Mother Project:

Instagram: goodmotherproject

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